Pennsylvania Educational Technology & Expo (PETE&C)

Session Number HL02, Tuesday, 2/10, 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm, Room: Crystal A
Presenters: Mara Linaberger, IU1 and Camille Nischal, Mercyhurst College

"Imagining a SecondLife: Avatars and Inquiry"
Meet AbrahamLincoln Magic, a SecondLife incarnation of our 16th US President. Learn how MUVEs and Web 2.0 technologies can enhance and enrich historical inquiry.

Today's Possible Agenda:
- History of the Avatar & Machinima
- Creating the Wiki
- Inventing Abe's SecondLife
- Meet AbrahamLincoln Magic (live)
- Overview of Web 2.0 technologies used
- Brainstorming other historical avatars

Live Stream Recording of the Session